A Perfect Easter Weekend on Lake Como


Our first Lake Como sunset

Lake Como. A place that even my friends that have a fierce “been there, done that” attitude have proclaimed that they would gladly revisit someday. It’s a destination that couldn’t be more photogenic and succeeded at taking my breath away at every angle. I see why George Clooney likes it.

Even the train ride into the tiny town of Lierna, our Airbnb location, offered up incredible views, serving as both a means to get us excited for the upcoming weekend while also distracting us from the sweltering hot train cabin we were all crammed into.

The weekend wasn’t perfect because we saw all the sites the guide books insisted we must visit; the weekend was perfect because besides a short hike and eating a ton of great lake food, we didn’t really do much.

My favorite day was Easter Sunday where we spent much of the morning and afternoon soaking up the sun on Lierna’s pebble beach, taking a dip in the icy cold lake water whenever the heat became too much. We then had a great Easter dinner at a local restaurant, followed by a game night with friends.

Unlike a lot of places we’ve visited over the past eight months where we try to cram in as many sites as possible, we really just forgot about planning and enjoyed our surroundings in Lake Como. Perhaps it’s because we knew that we would return someday.

The view from our hike certainly paid off


On top of Castello di Vezio
I was only slightly obsessed with all the wisteria
Probably the most epic pool location
The view from our ferry as we cruised up to Varenna


21 thoughts on “A Perfect Easter Weekend on Lake Como

  1. I totally understand about Lake Como! For a very different reason I too did nothing while there, choosing to reflect and relax instead of inundate my senses with cultural and historical expeditions. Perhaps it is the gloriously subdued scenery. Your photos bring back wonderful memories of those smoky-blue mountains and glassy lake.

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  2. I mean you don’t get cast in a James Bond movie or Star Wars film unless your view is stunning. Como is one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited.

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  3. I will go back to Como for sure! We went last year, but I feel one day is not enough. And we also were caught by a storm in the afternoon and that made our stay even shorter. It’s a magical place that is really worth multiple visits.

    I would really be grateful to have your support and follow back as you have mine.
    I have started this year my travel blog and I hope you’ll find good inspiration too.



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