Let the Countdown Begin


When I made the decision to move to Bologna last year, I was overwhelmed with excited about all the new places I planned to see in the coming year.Ā I’m so grateful when I look back over the past nine months and think about all the new cities and countries we’ve explored, but I also can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.

I have less than three weeks left in Italy (I fly back to San Francisco on May 18th) and I’m trying to fit in as many Italian experiences as possible with my remaining time here. That includes wine tasting in Tuscany, visiting the gelato museum, and spending the majority of my free time sipping cappuccinos in sun-filled piazzas.

12 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin

  1. All the best with totting up the numbers on the list. I am going through somewhat of the same experience at the moment except that I do not know where we pack our bags for at the moment! Living life on the edge. Sigh. And I am not looking forward to leaving this beautiful country of my soul.

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