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My First Impressions of Bucharest, Romania


The decor in Origo Cafe was so pleasing to the eye

Bucharest (not to be confused with Budapest!) took me by surprise. With it’s various coffee shops filled with the scent of single origin coffee beans, restaurants serving up dishes using organic and locally-sourced ingredients, and a young population of the most fashionably scruffy individuals, Bucharest screams hipster. I loved it.

Despite it’s capital city’s up-and-coming vibe, Romania still has deep scars from years of repressive and brutal leadership under Nicolae Ceaușescu, which was evident by the countless crumbling and abandoned buildings we saw scattered throughout the city. Yet that didn’t stop us from enjoying plenty of Romanian beer, a fantastic conversion rate, and a delightful abundance of blooming springtime flowers.

Our first night in Bucharest was a comical affair, to say the least
Carturesti Carusel is one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve ever visited
The components of a great meal at Lacrimi si Sfinti
Moody skies from the Pura Vida Sky Bar
I was a little too excited over all the tulips and daffodils throughout the city
The dining room of The Artist was a work of art in itself
Why choose one dessert when you can have bites of all three?


19 thoughts on “My First Impressions of Bucharest, Romania

  1. Oh why did you cover his face with the tulip! lol
    The balkans is void of our travel handprints. So there are big plans to cover all of them. But not yet.
    Thanks for sharing so we’d get a personal view of what its like to see these countries and cities.
    Will you be in other parts of Romania too?

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    1. haha – he did that himself! We was acting a bit camera shy. I were hoping to visit Transylvania too but we enjoyed Bucharest so much we decided to just stay in the city. I really hope to go back one day and see more of the country!

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  2. I was very upset by the poverty I saw in Bucharest, we caught the train to Brasov and the area around the train station was heartbreaking. I didn’t get chance to explore much. Is it very different elsewhere in the Capital?

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    1. I wish that we had time to explore other parts of Romania. From what I’ve seen, there definitely seems to be a homeless issue in Bucharest. We learned from our tour guide that thousands of people got their houses seized by the state during the communist period and thanks to a slow judicial system and corruption, countless people are STILL fighting to get their family homes back. Really, really heartbreaking.

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      1. Wow, thank you, that’s terrible. I saw so many people sleeping rough including children. But if you get the chance to visit Brasov and Sighisoara do go back! I really want to visit the area nearer to Moldova, it’s a really lovely country 😊

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  3. Great photos! I’ve been trying to decide whether to visit Romania this fall, because there are so many great things to see in Bucharest and the countryside, but some of what I’ve read (about wild dogs and poverty) has been worrying. Is it not as bad as the internet seems to say? Looks like you had a great time though!


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