Remembering Malta’s Azure Window


A week ago today, Malta’s world-famous Azure Window collapsed into the sea. This sad event has left the Maltese (and everyone that was lucky enough to see the landmark in person) truly heartbroken. The Window was formed by erosion over 500 years ago and has been growing steadily larger with passing time.

It seems that its collapse was inevitable and one heavy storm was enough to complete destroy it. We were able to catch the sunset at the Azure Window when we visited Malta back in January.

It’s hard to believe that something so massive has been completely swallowed up by the sea and that there’s now barely any indication the iconic landmark was ever even there. Although the Azure Window no longer exists, I would still encourage anyone who visits Malta to make a trip to the now “Azure Pinnacle” or “Azure Stack”. It’s a magical spot by the sea, which I think is greatly captured by Evan’s time-lapse below.



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