My Sardinian Food Diary


Lunch (meat and cheese plate with olives and traditional Sardinian bread)

Our first meal in Cagliari was at Ellusu, a casual lunch spot offering us exactly what we were in search for at the time: reasonably-priced Sardinian food and a table in the sun. Thanks to their charming menu, it was here that we learned how to count to five in Sardinian.

Dinner (swordfish carpaccio, calamari and fried sardines, seafood couscous in spicy tomato soup)

Fork is the less expensive restaurant of Chef Stefano Deidda, who also owns the one star Michelin restaurant Dal Corsaro right next door. We had a very impressive dinner here but the swordfish carpaccio and our friend’s seafood risotto were definitely the stars of the meal.


Breakfast (cappuccino)

I admittedly ate way too much during this trip so I consistently woke up every morning still feeling full from the night before. Most mornings, I just opted for a cappuccino and had my first (very large) meal of the day at lunch.

Lunch (Sardinian cheese plate, seafood linguine)

My favorite part of our lunch at Sa Schironada was the cheese plate, which was placed on top of several layers of Sardinian bread – a type of flat bread with a cracker-like texture. The place had an enjoyable atmosphere and it was fun to watch the cooks at work in the nearby kitchen, however, this was one of the more touristy restaurants we went to during our stay.

Dinner (lobster ravioli)

Still content from lunch and much to our waiter’s disapproval, I chose to only have lobster ravioli rather than both a primi and secondi. We were placed in an extremely quiet dining room (at 8:30 pm we were still really early for dinner) but by the time we were nearly finished with our meal locals began filing in and strangely, the sound of American country music filled the restaurant.



Lunch (mozarella panzerotti)

An on-the-go bite for lunch from one of the cafes along Poetto Beach. A panzerotti is basically a fried pizza turnover: satisfyingly greasy and the perfect fuel to get one through a moderately easy hike.

Dinner (seafood salad and calamari, traditional carbonara, bites of assorted desserts)

Our last meal in Cagliari was at my favorite restaurant of the whole weekend: Crackers. Despite the name, the place has an old fashioned atmosphere complete with white linen tablecloths, nicely dressed waiters, and meals brought to the table on rolling carts. The ever-smiling Roberto and his wife took great care of us and their radicchio with thinly sliced octopus salad blew me away. A great end to our food-filled weekend.


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      1. There were small rounds of bread too which I fell for straightaway. If I could have carried back a ton of food, I know I would have carted back a bag full of bread. I just carried back some cheese and sausage and felt very foolish later :-/

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