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Our Trip to the Maltese Island of Gozo

The stunning Azure Window at sunset

Gozo is a small island just north of mainland Malta and we spent one night there during our trip. I found Valletta to be a relatively calm city but Gozo offers the ultimate peace and quiet, while still having lots of sites to explore.

Getting to Gozo isn’t the most straightforward process. We ended up taking a one-hour bus ride from Valletta to the Cirkewwa ferry terminal, then a 25-minute ferry ride to the city of Mgarr in Gozo, then we caught another bus from Mgarr to our Airbnb in Nadur.

Including wait time, our entire journey took about three hours. That’s not to say that it wasn’t absolutely beautiful – much of the bus route followed the coastline and the ferry ride was fantastic (and only €4.65 round trip!).

We spent our afternoon in Gozo exploring Victoria and watching the sunset at the Azure Window. The historic citadel in Victoria was incredible, offering views of the Meditterean from all directions and every church steeple on the entire island. We learned that the residents of Gozo were required by law to sleep within the citadel walls for protection against pirates up until 1637!

The views from Victoria were breathtaking but the Azure Window at sunset didn’t even seem real. We spent an hour there watching the sunset, taking pictures, and taking in our surroundings. There is something about the ocean that I will always be drawn to – I think it will always be my happy place (whether it be the Pacific Ocean, Meditterean Sea, or some other big body of water).

Before turning in for the night we chatted with our Airbnb host, Maxine, for a bit. This was the first time I’ve stayed in a room in someone’s home (and not have an apartment to myself) but I have to say, we had such a great experience. Maxine is an artist and art teacher – her beautiful, modern paintings and sketches were on display all over her immaculate home.

One of the coolest parts of the evening was when she led us to her rooftop and pointed to a light in the distance, which she informed us was Sicily. She said on very clear nights she is actually able to see the headlights of moving cars over there!

I loved our time in Gozo and I think that everyone that visits Malta should definitely plan a trip to Gozo as well. Plus, I hear that summertime in Gozo offers some of the best diving and rock climbing spots around.

The Azure Window is where Game of Thrones shot the Dothraki Wedding. Naturally, we were geeking out quite a bit during our visit.
More cats because I truly am a cat lady
From the top of the citadel in Victoria

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  1. I have been wanting to set my eyes in person on the leading shot of this post. We just changed our plans to not go to Malta and I am feeling a bit rueful now. But well, at least I get a look at it through your posts, cat lady 😀

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