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Kicking Off Our European Road Trip: A Pitstop in Monaco

We had to park fairly far away from the marina but our parking spot’s killer view was worth the hike

To make our way to Basque Country to spend Christmas with my Grandma and Uncle, we rented a car in Bologna and started a two-day drive. While Evan and I were both going loony by day two of being cooped up in a car, the scenic views that surrounded us were well worth it.

Day one of our road trip began early (which was rough since we both only got about three hours of sleep thanks to a rowdy party our neighbors were having) but we were able to catch a taxi to the airport, get our rental car, and hit the road right on schedule. This put us in perfect position to visit a new country (the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican) for lunch along the way.

I was so glad to experience the warmer weather in this city by the Meditterean Sea that I was simply giddy when we exited off the freeway and weaved our way down the mountain to the city below. I can’t say that we were able to dine at any of the incredible (and very expensive) restaurants that are located in Monaco since we opted to get a quick bite at its Christmas fair, but it was definitely fun to stretch our legs for a couple hours while exploring the marina.

The combination of the mountains, sea, and architecture of the buildings made for stunning views everywhere we looked
I was so happy that my giant winter coat wasn’t needed while walking around
So many of the trees lining the streets were overflowing with oranges

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