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Two Thousand Sixteen

img_4603This past year was a big year of change and growth for me. I moved to a new country (thousands of miles away from my family and friends) and by doing so, I’ve tested my limits and learned that, for the most part, I can really do anything I set my mind to. It has been a crazy year where I feel like the days have been jam packed learning (also known as being scolded by Italians for not knowing better) so much about Italian culture and daily life here. In the process, I’ve also learned so much about myself.

Tomorrow, we are driving to France to spend Christmas for the first time ever with my grandma and my uncle. We’ll be spending a night in Marseille on the way there, a night in Nice on the way back, and the rest of the time will be spent in Basque Country at my grandma’s house. While I know it will be difficult at moments since this will be my first Christmas away from my parents, I am beyond excited to experience some French Christmas traditions and spend time with family. See you in 2017!

P.S. Here are some shots of Bologna during Christmastime.

Carolers singing in the courtyard just below our apartment window
An impressive display of chocolate at my favorite Christmas market in Piazza Minghetti
Just one of the many streets that are decked out in Christmas lights

11 thoughts on “Two Thousand Sixteen

  1. Oh wow, where are you from originally? I’m from Portugal and live in France now. I so want to go to Marseille! Never been :)) and where in Italy do you live? I was in Milan this summer working in Africa. It was lovely! xx

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    1. Marseille was such a big city! I’ll be posting about it soon πŸ™‚ I am originally from the San Francisco bay area in California. I’m currently living in Bologna, Itlay. Where in France do you live now? I want to visit Portugal so bad – I’ve heard such wonderful things.


      1. Oh nice! Can’t wait to read more about it! Amazing! Have some friends from Bologna :)) I’m living in Paris nowith (almost 2 years I’ve been here) but will soon move out to Tours! Beautiful historical city, love it! ;p Portugal is da bomba! Haha. U should defs visit! xx

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