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Basilica di San Vitale – begun by the Goths and finished by the Byzantines in 547AD

Ravenna isn’t one of Italy’s most obvious tourist destinations. In fact, when I told my parents and a few friends from home where we were going last weekend, they’ve never even heard of it. For those who do know Ravenna, they know about its breathtaking mosaics (many from as early as the 6th century!)

It’s hard to believe that something can be that old, let alone still be as absolutely stunning as these mosaics. The tiles are so tiny that the pictures I took make them look more like frescos but I assure you, they are mosaics and they are probably some of the most amazing works of art I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Early morning train rides reveal who is the true morning person between the two of us
Cappella di Sant’Andrea – built in the early 6th century
Dante’s tomb – inside, there’s a small oil lamp that is always burning. It’s paid for by the city of Florence in penance for ejecting the poet in 1372

14 thoughts on “Ravenna

  1. We were in Emilia-Romagna for a wonderful week two springs ago, and didn’t have enough time to make it to Ravenna. How long did you spend there? It sounds like a fascinating city!

    We’ve just spent the last year living in Valletta, Malta, and are finding our way back ‘home’ and thought it might be fun to swing through Italy again. 🙂

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    1. How funny, we just booked our flight to Malta for a weekend in January. I am so excited to check it out. What are your recommendations?
      The mosaics in Ravenna are absolutely incredible and I definitely recommend stopping by. We took a day trip there and it was plenty – it’s such a tiny city. Definitely get the city pass where you can visit 5 of its biggest attractions for one fee. 🙂


  2. I spent a couple of days in Ravenna about 3 years ago and just loved it. I spent nearly a whole day gazing in awe at the mosaics and then went back next morning for another look. Incredible, and so, so colourful. I couldn’t believe the colour could last so long. I also loved the whole area of Emilia- Romagnq and it has my vote for producing the best food ever, day after day. I was almost a vegetarian when I returned, as the pasta dishes were so great, the herbs used giving everything a different flavour, and I loved the idea of having 3 mini pastas on one dish. I plan on going back there.

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