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Buon Appetito – Tamburini


There are many restaurants in Bologna that offer boards filled with meats and cheeses, a go-to choice for people like me, who consider sliced meats and cheeses a couple of my major food groups. Tamburini is right around the corner from Mercato di Mezzo, my favorite market in Bologna that offers only the freshest products, and it easily upholds the high food quality of the neighborhood.

Sandwiched between two storefronts displaying ham legs and giant parmesan cheese wheels, Tamburini is a deli that has casually been serving up slices of proscuitto, salami, and Bologna’s famous mortadella since 1932. Plus, they have over 200 wines avaible by the glass.

We stumbled into Tamburini one stormy night to escape the rain and were able to snag one of the last avaible tables. We snacked on their traditional meat and cheese board in their cozy bar area and I think it was just what we needed to recharge before heading back into the rain (an umbrella would also be nice for next time, though).


4 thoughts on “Buon Appetito – Tamburini

  1. Mmmm, it looks so good. Bologna is a place I would love to hit next year (maybe after the Amalfi Coast??) because their food looks banging. Hopefully Tamburini sees my face, because I need to get aquatinted with that cheese!

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