What I’m Thankful For

img_1976Although it may be cheesy, I think it’s important that on my first Thanksgiving outside of the U.S. that I share what I’m thankful for. I’m very fortunate to have a long list this year, but here are just a few things that I can think of, in no particular order:

  1. All the adorable cat videos constantly popping up on the internet (yes, I am that animal-obsessed)
  2. Our little Corte Isolani family of three
  3. The great people-watching just outside our door in Piazza Santo Stefano
  4. Evan’s ability to make me laugh, even when I’m trying not to
  5. 2 euro pizza slices at Due Torre that I indulge in way too often
  6. My cats (Chub and Stinky) and a VERY generous Chris that has been taking care of them while we’re in Italy
  7. The fact that Skype exists so I can talk to my parents “face-to-face” on a weekly basis
  8. My group of friends from middle school that I still talk to multiple times a day in a Facebook message (a.k.a. “the message”)
  9.  Long talks about nothing over wine, meats, and cheeses
  10. This wonderful nine months that I get to spend in one of the most beautiful places in the world

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