The Italian flag being raised in celebration of Armistice Day

During our long weekend exploring the Veneto region, we stayed in the quaint town of Vittorio Veneto. It was in this town in 1918 that the Italians prevailed in their final battle, leading to the end of World War I on the Italian front and less than two weeks later, the end of the war overall.

It was all coincidence that we decided to spend Saturday, November 11th in this little town and walk down to the main square a little before 11:00am, where we found an entire group of Italians in full war uniform (meaning lots of feathered hats), preparing to raise the flag sharply at 11:00am. It was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – Armistice Day – after all.

So we decided to wait the couple minutes it would take till 11:00am rolled around, which quickly came and went and no flag was raised, no speech was made, and nothing at all really happened. Finally, at 11:27am (in true Italian fashion), the ceremony commenced and a gigantic Italian flag was raised into the air on a perfectly crisp autumn day.

The quaint town of Vittorio Veneto
The dog that lived at our bed and breakfast was so cold in the mornings that she would completely bury herself in blankets
Cison di Valmarino – where we had a great very, very late lunch

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