The Markets of Bologna


Mercato delle Erbe

In addition to the many stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, oversized cheese wheels and meat, and of course lots of Italian wine, part of this market has been transformed into a food court. This isn’t an average food court though but instead, it offers some of the best affordable “fast food” in Bologna. It also happens to be the largest indoor market in the city.

Mercato di Mezzo

This market is a great spot for lunch and it’s also the closest market to our apartment so I tend to be there a lot. There are lots of stalls selling sandwiches, seafood, pastries, fresh pasta (both in dishes that you can eat right there at one of the communal tables and weighed out for you take home), plus much more. It can get pretty busy around 2pm with all the locals and tourists on the hunt for lunch, but any other time it’s a great spot for a quick bite.

Mercati della Terra

Unlike the other two markets, this one is only open on Saturday mornings. It’s quite a ways from the center of the city but is right next to the Bologna Museum of Modern Art (MAMbo) and one of my favorite cafes, Ex Forno. About twenty stalls fill the piazza outside Cinema Lumiere selling anything from fresh fruit and vegetables to local beers and fried fish. When we went they also had a live jazz band which made the market feel extra special.


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