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My Tuscan Food Diary





Il Santo Bevitore (buccatini with tomatoes, parmesan, and bacon)

We met up with my cousins, Suzanne and Robert, at this restaurant in the Santo Spirito neighborhood and it also happens to be a couple blocks away from their apartment. Most of the table ordered one of the daily specials and everything was so fresh and flavorful – just look at that piece of bacon. Plus, our waiter was very helpful and translated the entire menu for us (he even brought Nancy a side of butter for her bread when she asked – another Italian food rule and a big no-no).


Gelateria La Carraia (pear gelato)

Suzanne and Robert also took us to their favorite gelato place just down the street from our lunch spot. I opted for the pear gelato, which was packed full of flavor but I also tasted some of Evan’s white chocolate pistachio gelato and it was pretty extraordinary.

Evening Snack:

Le Cantine di Greve in Chianti (wine, meat and cheese plate)

After our large late lunch and gelato adventure, none of us were overly hungry but a small bite and some wine sounded appetizing. Nancy and John took us to one of their favorite spots, just a town over from their villa in Panzano. This place was really fun since they give you a money card, which you load up with money, then you can walk around the cellar and choose if you want a taste, a small glass, or a larger glass of wine. There were lots of wines to choose from so it was exciting to try different ones.




La Villa di Nancy e John (veggie omelet, roasted potatoes, wild boar salami, pecorino cheese, assorted breads)

We had quite the breakfast feast on Nancy and John’s back terrace. I like to joke that I’ve become a better cook since I’ve moved to Italy but really the ingredients are so fresh that it’s hard to not make an amazing meal. This meal was no exception. I think my favorite part was the wild boar salami, which is smaller than the salami I’m used to but had twice the flavor.


(tiramisu gelato)

Our final “meal” in Florence was had at a hurried stop at a small gelateria. We wanted to see the duomo one last time before catching our train back to Bologna and the warm weather brought in more crowds than was expected. The freshly dusted cocoa powder was worth it alone.


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