Isabel traveled from Murcia, Spain just for the weekend

After a wonderful day in Firenze, John and Nancy drove us to the villa they’ve been renting for the past month in Panzano in Chianti. We arrived after dark and I think we were all pretty exhausted from walking all over the city (I never want to wear those boots again – no matter how cute they are) so we all turned in early.

When morning came, I slowly opened our shutters and as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, a landscape dotted with stone villas and filled with vineyards and olive orchards came into view. There was also a faint buzzing noise coming from a distance – turns out a small crew (with an adorable dog) were hard at work harvesting the remaining olives from the trees on the property.

We had a great morning spending time with John and Nancy and Evan’s friend, Isabel, that he used to tutor in English a few years ago in Spain. Coming from Bologna where there are no trees and the skies are often overcast, it was so refreshing to be surrounded by nature on such a beautiful day. After breakfast, it was back in the car to Florence to catch our train back to Bologna.

The driveway leading up to the villa – nothing is quite so distinctly Tuscan as cypress trees
The view from our second-floor bedroom window

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