Buon Appetito: Cremeria Santo Stefano


I’ve had an embarrassing amount of gelato since arriving in Bologna two months ago. While all the gelatos I’ve tried have been pretty amazing and each shop has its own unique charm, Cremeria Santo Stefano is probably my favorite. It’s a bit of a walk from the city center but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve been told that the truly authentic gelaterias do not have their gelatos visible for display but instead, keep them covered to keep them fresh. This is exactly what Cremeria Santo Stefano  does. They have gelato flavors that are a little more unique than the classic chocolate or vanilla, which makes it even more special. I opted for the Speculoos flavor (it basically tasted like high-end cinnamon toast crunch cereal in ice cream form) and it was nothing short of heavenly. While I can’t deem it as having the best gelato in Bologna (there is still lots of research to be done), Cremeria Santo Stefano is definitely a gem that I will be returning to.



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