Let There Be Central Heating

img_0670It has now been three wonderful days that we have been enjoying the central heating in our apartment. The last couple weeks in Bologna have been in the low 50’s, mostly rainy, with thunderstorms almost every night. For someone that’s cold when the temperature dips below 70, this weather has kinda been miserable. I’ve learned that Italy has nationally regulated heating which means that in an effort to save energy, the entire country cannot switch their air systems from cold to hot (and vice versa) until the government tells them to.

Our property manager informed us that the big day was October 15th and if we turned on our heat anytime before then, we may be subject to fines. Of course, I managed to get a cold (for the second time in two months) a few days leading up to this date, so my uniform consisted of a scarf, sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks at all times. Luckily, the 15th finally arrived and the very first thing we did that morning was to turn on the heat. Naturally, the weather has suddenly made a turn for the better, with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine.


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