More Italian Rules I Can’t Figure Out


As I mentioned before, Italy has an overwhelming amount of unspoken rules. Some I found out the hard way (Italians are very protective of their produce) and some I still can’t get my head around. This most recent set of rules has me particularly befuddled since there doesn’t appear to be a right answer, with every restaurant and cafe having their own standards.

For starters, we’ve been running into this issue where, when going to a restaurant, some restaurants expect you to just seat yourself at an open table, while others insist that you check-in with the host. When ordering something quick, like a cappuccino or slice of pizza, some establishments require the bill to be paid upon delivery of the food, while others won’t accept payment until you’ve finished dining. Lots of waiters won’t deliver your bill unless you verbally request it, while others do it the American way and bring your bill to you once you finish your meal.

These may seem like minuscule rules but if you do the wrong thing, the waiter gives you a look letting you know that you should know better. And the amazing part is, for the most part, everyone does know when to follow which rule, and that’s what I can’t figure out.



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