Corte Isolani

img_5225 The area of Bologna that we spend the most time in is Corte Isolani, a covered walkway connecting two major landmarks in Bologna – Le Due Torri and Santo Stefano alle Sette Chiese. It was built by a family of wealthy silk makers in the mid 15th-century and is still owned by the two Isolani brothers today. The walkway houses a gelateria, some high-end antique shops, a bank, and a few small restaurants.

We also happen to live in one of the apartments right above the Corte and, without a doubt, we couldn’t have gotten a better apartment location. Great restaurants, lively bars, fun shopping areas, and Evan’s school are only a few minutes walk away.

Living in the middle of a mall in a busy city also means that all the sounds of the mall are constantly making their way up to our apartment. Every morning around 10am (never promptly, this is Italy, after all) the muzak is turned on and stays on well past midnight. This can include Italian pop, jazz, and American music ranging from the 1940’s to now – they definitely like variety! Also, the restaurant directly below our windows seems to be a popular wedding venue. On the weekends, the courtyard (and therefore, our entire living room) is filled with the sounds of crowds talking and champagne bottles popping.

It’s been quite the experience and I absolutely love it (as long as the 2am karaoke on a Tuesday night doesn’t become a regular thing!)


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