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My Greek Food Diary


Before we arrived in Greece, I knew that I wanted to document everything that we ate (it’s one of the best parts of any trip, after all). Looking back, I wish that I recorded the restaurant names, but that completely slipped my mind. Nonetheless, it’s clear that we ate very, very, very well while in Greece.

Dinner: We wandered through the Ladadika neighborhood, which was filled with restaurants and bars, and chose this restaurant since they had good prices and tasty looking dinner specials. I had the sausage and lemon pasta with this yummy honey mustard and sage sauce that I put over everything.

Post-Dinner Snack: Before heading back to our Airbnb that night, we wanted to try some ouzo. We were seated at this cute bar advertising “Wine and Tastes” and while they didn’t have ouzo, they poured us something similar, raki. They also brought us a gigantic snack of cheese and apples, which turned out to be necessary to munch on between sips of raki. Let’s just say that raki is very, very strong.



Since we basically had two dinners the night before, we opted for cappuccinos for breakfast. This seemed to be a theme throughout our trip.

Lunch: During our three-hour drive to Sarti, we stopped in a random town in north Sithonia for some lunch. We were pretty pleased with ourselves to have found what appeared to be a local spot, with a couple of fishermen stopping to drop off their catch as we were ordering. We ordered a Greek salad (seemed appropriate), a mixed appetizer (which we thought would be small but was gigantic), calamari, and sides of tzatziki and pureed eggplant. This was by far the best meal we had all trip and while we probably looked like pigs, we didn’t care and finished all of our gigantic meal.

Aperitif: Our wonderful Airbnb host, Aristea, left us some limoncello and a little dessert to celebrate our arrival in Sarti. This cute little detail was so simple and thoughtful – our time spent at the apartment definitely added to our love of Sarti.

Dinner: Although we were still pretty full from our humungous lunch, we went to a place in Sarti for a small gyro (yeah, right) along with sides of tzatziki and eggplant. We were definitely obsessed with the tzatziki and roasted eggplant dip, and I’m going to try to replicate them at home.





We seemed to overdo it again the night before so, after our morning cappuccinos, we were happy with some chips and nuts on the beach until lunchtime.

Lunch: After spending the morning sunbathing on Orange Beach and grabbing some drinks at Goa Beach, we drove to Kilamitsi Beach for some lunch. Our lunch looks similar to meals that we ate on previous days because it basically is the same thing – Greek salad and a gyro. Both of these things are absurdly delicious but they also seemed to be a couple items on a very short list of meals offered in the beach towns of Sithonia. I think we would have to go to Thessaloniki for more diverse food but there were no complaints from me!

Dinner/ Dessert: We spent the evening reading on the rooftop of our Airbnb with a bottle of wine. Afterward, we wandered down the hill to the shops and restaurants of Sarti and indulged in not one but two crepes (we couldn’t decide between savory or sweet so we got both, naturally).




Breakfast: Our plan for our last day in Greece was to get up early and drive to the first prong of Chalkidiki – Kassandra – and check out what kind of beautiful beaches they had there. Since the weather took a turn for the worse, our scenic drive turned into a rather wet drive through a storm. We stopped at a little bakery on the side of the road and ordered spanakopita and another mini, savory pie with tomatoes and cheese. Both were so delicious and clearly, we were very hungry since someone couldn’t wait till the picture was taken to take a bite.


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