Grecia: Sithonia


The rooftop terrace at our Airbnb – where we spent a lot of time

We arrived in Sarti on Saturday afternoon and our Airbnb was the most adorable studio apartment with a stellar view of the ocean from the rooftop terrace. I think we were so overwhelmed by the initial beauty of this part of Greece that we both couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing for a good hour after arrival. We hit up the beach to catch the last couple hours of sunlight then explored the quaint town of Sarti (this mostly involved me pointing out all the cute stray kittens).

On Sunday we made it our mission to relax and spend the majority of the day on the beaches. We headed out early and got to Orange Beach around 10am, which I’m glad we did since we were able to snag a pretty secluded part of the beach for ourselves. This beach was probably one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever been to. The crystal clear water was refreshingly chilly and the waters were so calm it felt like we were in a super salty, extra large swimming pool. I could have spent all afternoon at Orange Beach but around 1pm the crowds started coming in and we decided to move on.

We drove down an extremely steep dirt road to reach Goa Beach for a quick drink. Besides the bartender, there were probably only five other people present on this small beach, which made it feel like a secret beach that we were lucky to find. I’m so thankful that we made our trip in September (rather than during the heavy tourist time of August) since all the restaurants, bars, and beaches we went to were only a quarter full. After admiring the dramatic cliffs surrounding Goa Beach and finishing our drinks, we drove another twenty minutes south to Kilamitsi Beach for some lunch and more sunbathing, of course. By some miracle, I didn’t get sunburned at all.

After getting our fill of sun for the day, we headed back to Sarti, bought some wine at the local supermarket, and watched the sunset from the rooftop of our Airbnb. We spent the rest of the evening there and turned in early so we could hit the road early and hit up another beach before our afternoon flight back to Bologna. Unfortunately, the storm that we’ve been hearing about started earlier than expected so we changed our plans and spent a few more hours in Thessaloniki, visiting a few of the sites we didn’t have time to see before.

Orange Beach
Clearly, I was so excited to be in the ocean I didn’t care that my hair looked ridiculous
Goa Beach

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