Lago di Garda


The view from our sunbathing spot

A couple weekends ago we rented a car and drove North to Lago di Garda – Lake Garda. After a few setbacks (we had to run back to our apartment to get Evan’s passport and we ran into more of those pesky Italian lines) we made it to Sirmione, situated on the South bank of Lake Garda. We walked through the gates of Scaliger Castle and wandered through a town filled with tourists, gelaterias, and glimpses of the lake between the buildings.

Following a losing battle with the local mosquitos, we spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing on the pier and enjoying the warm, crystal clear water. I could have easily spent the whole weekend on the shores of Lake Garda, but once evening arrived we loaded back into the Fiat in order to make it back to Bologna in time for a Godfather-themed party our neighbors were hosting.

Scaliger Castle
The most beautiful flowers in the middle of town
Sirmione locals

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