I Treni


I shouldn’t be surprised that buying a train ticket is way more complicated than it needs to be. I mean, Italy is not exactly known for its efficient processes. In order to successfully purchase our train ticket to Ferrara, we arrived at the train station about 15 minutes before our train was supposed to leave, as per the schedule we saw online. We found ourselves in a bustling train station, with two walls lined with ticket machines, and no system for any type of line.

After waiting in a couple different lines, Evan was able to buy our tickets and I found out that the train schedule we saw online was completely unrelated to the schedule posted in the station. We knew that we had to get our ticket stamped before boarding the train so we waited in a line to talk to an attendant, only to be told to wait in yet another line to talk to the attendant from a different train company, to then be told that the ticket stamper is right there, on the wall (not sure why the first lady couldn’t tell us that).

We got our ticket stamped and raced to our train on the platform – since according to the new schedule, it would be leaving in two minutes. We found our seats and then waited another 15 minutes for the train to actually leave. I’m finding that waiting in lines and actually just waiting, in general, is one of Italy’s favorite pastimes.

Maybe at the end of these nine months I’ll be really fed up with this country’s inefficiencies, maybe I won’t even notice them at all. But for now, all I can do is laugh and appreciate how truly funny and entertaining it is getting around here.


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