Le Due Torri

Garisenda Tower

The first touristy thing I wanted to do once I got to Bologna was to see Le Due Torri – The Two  Towers – located in the middle of Porta Ravegnana square and about a five minute walk from our apartment. By the end of the 12th century, these towers were only two of over 100 towers spread throughout the city.  Today, only about 20 towers are still standing due to fires, wars, and lighting strikes.

The Garisenda Tower, the smaller of the two towers at 47 metres, is closed to the public but we were able to pay 3 euro and climb all 498 steps to the stop of the Asinelli Tower. The journey up the tower wasn’t too bad since there are lots of landings to take a break and catch your breathe. Heading down the tower was slightly more unerving for me since the steps seemed steeper and it suddenly sunk in that I was high up in the air in a tower built in the 1100’s! But it was all worth it to see the entirety of Bologna from above its red rooftops.

The view from the top of Asinelli Tower
The steepest part was the last set of stairs before reaching the top
Asinelli Tower

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